Thursday, September 13, 2012

Delicious Tea Varieties For The Tea Connoisseurs

If you are fond of tea then you should try out the different kinds of it that comes with its respective taste and health benefits. Right from the time the Chinese had popularised the beverage, the drink has had its very own reputation and in a health conscious world people are keener towards consuming tea than depending on coffee or any other refreshing drink. If you want delicious taste along with the health benefits then you can opt for flavoured black and green teas or the delicious white teas. The categorization happens on the basis of the method of leaf selection and processing.

While on the face of it the processing and consequent differentiation is through the processing of leaves, there are other methods like the means by which leaf shoots are plucked and other such. There are several kinds of tea under the different categories. Some of the recently mentioned categories are Guangzhou Milk Oolong, Keemun Ho ya, Fukujyu, Super Butterfly Oolong, Queen's China Oolong. These exotic ranges of rare beverages derive their individual names from inextricable links to legends and myths that have been surrounding the cause of creaminess in one drink and aroma in another. The different brewing techniques depend on the leaves and also the desired taste.

The flavoured green tea and the black tea are highly consumed by people and will surely refresh your morning with not just fine taste but also with great health benefits.

Some of the major advantages of drinking teas regularly are:-

The antioxidants in this particular tea work miraculously to fight against the free radicals which might be the cause of some of the worst diseases.
This is a natural means of slowing down the process of ageing.
This and also green tea helps in encouraging the good cholesterol over the wrong cholesterol thus promoting the well-being of the heart.
The consumption of tea is good for the complete care of the heart and ensures a better circulation of blood, thus reducing chances of stroke.
The fluoride in the teeth can help fight against teeth cavity and decay thus protecting your complete teeth enamel.
The herbal beverage is beneficial for those who suffer from diabetes because the ingredients help to reduce the glucoses levels in blood.
For all those who loved this beverage from an early age will probably know the differences in plucking and manufacturing of a variety of tea leaves. Today, their are many business centres in the market where one can easily find all varieties of teas at a most affordable price. Their are many shopping sites also where you can even purchase this unique beverage online in either tea bag format or buy loose tea. It is advisable to go for the later because in this you have the choice on the amount of tea used according to the number of people served, hence it is more economical and beneficial.

Vadim Naroditsky is a passionate tea lover for about 20 years now. His favourite teas are Japanese teas, Jasmine teas, Herbal teas etc. At Apollo tea house come and see his collection and easily buy loose tea, black teas, green teas etc of your choice.

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