Thursday, July 12, 2012

A History of Chai Tea As a Coffee Alternative

Since antiquity, tea in various forms has been used as a medicinal product from China to South Asia. The British were entranced by it; the world came to love it. Tea is one of the oldest and most common beverages worldwide.

In India and Asia, however, a very special tradition sprang up: chai masala, or chai tea, as it has come to be known. This widely varied but universally delightful spiced tea has spread in usage and popularity from the shores of India to your teacup; today, David Rio offers the very latest in a long tradition of excellence in taste and quality.

Dedicated to the ancient practices of mixing the finest and most aromatic spices with classic black tea, David Rio Tiger Spice Chai has reached beyond its Asian-Indian heritage to offer a truly North American experience.

While more popular among certain cultures for obvious reasons, chai tea is slowly developing a loyal following in western Canada and spreading. Specialty coffee and tea shops offer the unique experience of a chai beverage to customers who then go looking for it to consume at home.

Integrating premium spices from cinnamon to cardamom, and also including clove, David Rio Tiger Spice Chai blends the flavors of the old world with the preferences of the new.

Many choose chai as an alternative to coffee. With its powerful flavor and rich body, it's no wonder coffee has found competition! There's nothing quite like waking up to the heady scent of aromatic spices in the morning, freshly brewed in your own home.

Available as a box set of 12 single-serve packets, a 14oz canister, and the 4lb bag, there's a format for every kind of tea-drinker. Whether you're the dedicated aficionado or just ready to experiment, accommodation is a breeze. You may just find that your morning coffee becomes a morning chai.

Just look at the advantage in price. The 4lb bag is sold for only $36.45, and provides 51 servings. That's less than $0.75 a cup! And how much would you be paying for a chai at your local cafe? Often, it will be more than $3.00 for a product that may not even compare in quality to the David Rio Tiger Spice Chai.

Don't wait another minute: treat yourself today to the affordable luxury of delicious chai teas. Steeped in tradition, cultivated for modern tastes, chai is a gift the world can't do without.

Scott T. James is a supplier to Cafes across Canada. With David Rio Chai, making professional-quality Chai lattes or regular Chais is simple. Traditionally only sold to Cafes, premium tiger spice chai tea is now available to people all across Canada!

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